About IP Valuators

IP Valuators is an agile economic and financial consultancy (efc), specialising in corporate finance for Intellectual Property (IP) rich companies, valuation and strategy and IP management.

Some of your questions...

  • Are you investing, or are you about to invest, in a company that is predominantly dependent on its intellectual property (intangible) assets?
  • Do you ever ask yourself how you can best make money with your intangible assets?
  • Do you wish to know how IP can work for you, instead of you working for your IP?
  • Has your business model been called into question, and do wish to have it stress-tested?
  • Do you ever wonder whether you are likely to get an optimal return, or even a return at all, on your investment?
  • Do you ever wonder how you are going to finance the next stage of research and development?
  • Do wish to reduce your investment risk?
  • Are you in need of an independent sparring partner?
  • Do you want to know the value of your company or IP?


Our answers...


Valuation of IP is essential for making deals, securing  funding, making an investment, and developing a value strategy. 


We are strategic about creating value.


Be prepared. Have a plan of action to increase the value of your investment. Define deliverables and KPIs. 


We are strategic about your IP. 



Getting IP-rich companies funded is a challenge and investing in IP-rich companies leads to many risk related questions.


We get you investment ready.